alyssa reid - without youi don't wanna gobaby i don't wanna goi've cried' i've triedi came out the othersidei don't wanna gobaby i don't wanna goi've cried' i've triedhow can you see me this way?and then the music playswhat will be left to say?i came

love the way you lie?感觉比死一样痛过好听多了,经典,rihanna唱的,rap部位是Eminem我这有两个版本的,要我传给你?一个是普遍的,还一个是rihanna主唱的

Just one last dance,听听是不是,要不是也可以听听,不错的一首

Whistle -flo rida的有口哨,有节奏感,

love the way you lie

歌曲名:Gold歌手:Owl City专辑:The Midsummer StationGoldOwl CitySkech it up and take a bowThere're something they aren't showingThere's no need to look aroundYou're the best we gotta goingShout out to the dreams you chaseShout out to

你好!孙燕姿的hoeny hoeny仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

love the way you lie,应该是这个吧,挺流行的

《 寂寞 Lonely 》卫诗

eminen-love the way you lie另外eminem-stan 也是和一个女的唱的还有很多eminem的歌都很不错 你可以听听

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