My name is Danny. Danny is playing ping-pong. I'm from Canada. They are my friends. Li Ming and Danny are good friends

I can be your best friend.You may be a good teacher.I want to be a good man.

I am a student. 我是一个学生.She is my classmate . 她是我的同学.We are good friends.我们是好朋友.He is my uncle. 他是我叔叔.

1.She is very beautiful.2.He was late for class.3.I am watching TV.4.They are good friends.5. I am a teacher.6. You are a student.7. We are reporters.8. They are dip

be动词有am is are am:I am going to is going to school.are:We are going to school.

第一个是对的,i am play basketball是错误的,应该是i am playing basketball.be动词是用在主系表的句子当中的,例如,i(主) am(系) a student (表).you(主) are(系) my love(表)

be动词的一般现在时有三种形式,即:am, is, are.1. 如果主语是第一人称I(我)时,be动词用am.如:I am a student. 我是一名学生. I am 还可缩写成I'm.如: I'm David. 我是大卫.2. 如果主语是you (你,你们), they (他们,它们,她

what are you doing? 是你在干什么的一般现在进行时,而What do you doing?应该是what do you do?是一般时.be动词是指am is are或其他动词,can may must 是情态动词,后面跟动词时,用动词原形,也就是说这的be指动词原形.

it is going to rain. i am here ,i am coming . you do your homework .it is on the left.I stand beside you. she studies very well.he loves her.mum like apples, the cat is have a good job.

I want to be a teacher in the future.解释为“成为”Be patient, please. 祈使句,表示状态.To be the president of the school is very difficult.动词不定式作主语.译为:成为学校校长不是一件容易的事.I recommand that the library (should) be open in the holidays. 虚拟语气,recommand表建议,后面的should可以省略~~~

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