excuse me

当你给某人东西时你应该说:I want to give you something.我想给你一样东西.Thank you very much 非常感谢你

你愿意借的话,就说“Here you are.”如果你正在用还不能借的时候,你就说“Sorry, but I am using it.”

Excuse me,can i have a look?Excuse me,can i take a look at it?Excuse me,can i see it?

I want to see you!

翻译结果当你接受别人给你的东西时,用英文怎么说When you accept what others to you, how to say it in English

i'd like to know what else you have done.

i am(so)sorry ,这一句就够; it's ok ,nothing,that's right 绝对百试不爽. 自我介绍的话,my name is xxx,a boy(girl) of xx years old,基本信息,然后是自我总结,我是一个怎样的人,然后爱好,my hobby is(i like) doing something or else.would you like to make friends with me ? 仅供参考

in his words借用某人的话来说It is intended, in his words, to fight "financial fragmentation" within the eurozone.用德拉吉的话来说,该计划旨在对抗欧元区内部的“财政割裂”.

分情况吧, 不认识的人,一般说“Excuse me,Sir /Madam .may I ask a question '';如果是好友,那就直接叫名字,直接提问.

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