反应迟钝的, 无同情心的, 感受性迟钝的 OR: 无效的,无应答的,无反应的

vegetable [5vedVitEbl] n. 植物 蔬菜 [喻]生活呆板单调 vegetable [5vedVitEbl] adj. 植物性的; 来自[关于]植物的 蔬菜的 [喻]生活呆板单调的 vegetable oil 植物油 a vegetable diet 素食 vegetable kingdom 植物界 vegetable-adhesive n. (=vegetable glue


unresponsive-for-8-seconds反应迟钝的8秒双语例句1. I found her in a coma, totally unresponsive. 我发现她昏倒了,完全失去了知觉.

癌症:合作损伤20021108 发表于: 2009-2-25 13:39 来源: MedSpeaker 医学之声 The success of cancer as a disease is due in part to a collaborative effort between tumor cells and other populations of nonmalignant cells in the body. These

Application or system is unresponsive的意思是:应用程序或系统无响应与手机被盗并无关系!

immune adj.(形容词) Not subject to an obligation imposed on others; exempt: 豁免的,免除的:不受其他人所承受的义务约束的;免除的: immune from taxation; immune from criminal prosecution. 免于纳税;免于刑事诉讼 Not affected by a

Buy-and-hold买入持有策略双语例句1Swapping a trading culture for buy-and-hold will take decades.要以买入持有模式取代这种交易文化,可能需要数十年的时间.2But too often the buy-and-hold approach is misinterpreted as being static and unresponsive to changing conditions. 但太多情况下,“买进并持有”策略被曲解为静止不动、对不断变化的形势反应迟钝.


这个单词有两种词性,既是可属名词也是不可属名词.当你要表达的意思是多种多样的蔬菜是,就可以用vegetables,即复数形式.如果你要表达的是蔬菜这个整体,那么就用单数形式,即vegetable,但这个单词的常用法一般是用作单数形式! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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