Money is not evil by itself 熱云附涙恟 Its just paper with perceived value to obtain other things we value in other ways 熱峪頁斌瞳送宥議住算初嵎,峪頁匯嫖崕 If not money what is evil you may ask?椎低氏諒,焚担頁舒具?Evil is the

Time 恬爆:圻 匯鴬 恬簡:Kenn Kato 宥りで?かけた ?かしい中唹 火したままだった I followed you ?かと屈繁 瞬の?未に卑け?んでえた ?い晩に 徭??の朔ろ 嘘嶄に湖じたせつないぬくもり ?を弖い埆し 課の?い湖じた 直?の梳祇 with you

書爺匆岷欺侮匚 嘉尠蝕凛 牢朋岻朔 李彭承徨 検嶐議褒凛 恁叔 韮軟匯某逗丶 TV 涙絞蝕彭心匆音心議窮篇

I know that I, I can't believe Just what the past has brought me To the man I wanna be I know that we have had some times That we can't forget the struggle Cause we have so far to go I know we've changed but Change can be so good So let's not

弌楳霜VS市徨 麿践蟹議 梧簡:Time (Live) - 弌楳霜/市徨 簡:弌楳霜/市徨 園爆:乏蟻 詞咄:扮拭桁 咄赤悳酌:装巖 協了崙恬繁:装巖 弌楳霜:輝厘短晩短匚垢恬貫海邦軟敬 扮寂郡鹸岸陥斑厘梨阻藤厩 椎伉磨議很龍厘峪嬬鏡徭悶氏 誨指欺

***晩猟梧簡*** time after time ~雑玲う瞬で~ もしも埴にめぐり穴えたら 屈業と埴の返を宣さない 敢の嶮わりつける 雑囮銘 麓む雑 匯頭 釦る 房い竃の梧 この俟に 書も單しく time after time 埴と竃穴った謎治 産やかな欠患く瞬で そっと返を

How come you don't make time for me anymore thats the last thing she said to you and now when you call she don't answer anymore or the line is busy and you can't get through and the time it will take you to learn from your mistake and the time it will

梧兆:Time處蟹:巓鯖宗鋒知嶄刷中峯唹辧畏譛詈寂嶼歪詰囂媽慧低議戟寡厘鏡徭匯繁 儉穃鏡緩蟹彭硬析爆距匯粁妾佰阻知嶄議厘廬附匯心低宣蝕峪嗤穃 藻和栖融隼寂 嘉苧易time goes by 厘訌和栖泌惚扮寂辛參宜指嶷栖握秤頁倦匆辛參

梧爆:Time (Feat. She Wants Revenge)梧返:TimbalandI got a feeling she keeps me in the darkI gotta get keep my eye on her, she ain\'t no walk in the parkI offered this but she want that, she she - she want it allYou see she wanted to paint the

梧爆兆:Time梧返:互勦湊廨辞:Koyote Vol.6Time簡:表和崘消 爆 :Gajin床かな櫓頂れの高が餓してる今仔肢議剩高床床孚符和議今円ふざけて桧篋に 屈繁鯛慕きしてさ厘断曾繁鮭綴广壓紐眠貧与兒なにげなく狛ぎる この扮寂でさえも | | | | | 利嫋遍匈 | 利嫋仇夕
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