tantamount等于双语对照词典结果:tantamount[英][tntmant][美][tntmant]adj.相等的,相当的; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Therefore, opponents argue, allowing people to sport these plates is tantamount to allowing the tea-partiers to advertise on state property. 因此,反对者主张,允许人们玩这种牌照就相当于允许茶党人员利用州财产做广告.


be tantamount to something一般I think后跟的宾语是句子时,不加逗号,而是I think that.后半句倒是没什么语法问题

“Pianist”, like “Life is Beautiful”, gives me different angle of view to other war films: advocating the essence of braveness and sturdiness instead of just revenge. The leading role is a pianist who is gentle and sensitive outside, surprisingly, bold

表白的英语单词:confession、unburden、unlock (1)confession 英 [kn'fen] 美 [kn'fen] n. 自认;自白;招供;忏悔 例句:1.They saw compromise as a confession of weakness.他们认为妥协就是自认孱弱.2.Such an explanation


Philosopher said: "footprint is past."; the wise man said: "footprint is one of life's experience."; the artist said: "footprint, is the history of the frame are concentrated little." ah, footprint, when spring, I walked in the early melting River, I pursue

Personal Statement 1 As I think back on the Haiderabad workshop, it is difficult to focus on just that experience, as the effects of it continue to sprout and grow in me even today. The experience of the workshop was so incredible that it also

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