want sb to do want to do

want [wnt] vt. 打算, 希望 I want your promise. 我希望你答应. 应该 I want a shave. 我该刮胡子了. vt. & vi. 想, 要, 需要 You shall never want while I have any money left. 只要我有余钱, 就不会叫你缺少什么. n. 缺乏, 不足 Your work shows

2. 想见;要求(某人)来;想用(某人)[H]You're wanted on the phone.有你的电话.3. 缉拿,追捕[H][(+for)]The robber is wanted by the police.警方在通缉那个强盗.4. 需要[+v-ing]Your coat wants washing.你的衣服该洗了.What you want is a

want to do something:想要做某事

wanna 但这个属于俚语类型的 like to do sth.都表示想做某事

want 的用法1. 表示主观上的“想要”“希望”,是一种有意识的行为,其后可直接跟不定式,但不能跟动名词.如:That's what I want to know. 这是我想知道的.He wanted to find a place to hide. 他想找一个地方躲藏.要表示“想要或希望某人某

want to do想要做什么后面接动词不定式

I want to play football.

短语 但是want 后面接不定式的时候 必须是人做主语 表主动 want 后面也可以接动名词 但是这个时候 是表被动 即:sb want to do sth sth want doing sth

Wnat to do 想做 want sb. to do 要求某人做某事 want for/in 不足,缺乏 want doing 需要 in want of 需要 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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