Waging 发动意思for有为了什么的意思Waging For为了而发动比如He waging the war for

smoking cessation 戒烟知.道smoking cessation的用法和样例:The doctor advised me to give up smoking.医生建议我戒烟.The city is waging a campaign against smoking.这座城市正在开展一场戒烟运动.cessation[英][sesen][美][ssen]n.(暂回时)停止,休止,中断.复数:cessations双语例句:答He would not agree to a cessation of hostilities.他不会同意结束敌对状态.

共两个 1 从事为 2 为发动

在错的时间 错的地点,错的敌人,开始战争因为一个错误.

bring 带来 动词 带来,拿来 使产生,引起,导致 使处于某种状态;使(人)来到 (常用于否定句,疑问句)促使,劝使 卖得(多少钱) 提出(诉讼等) take 拿 动词 拿,取;握,抱 拿走,取走;夺取,占领;抓,捕;吸引 带去;带领 就(座

wage a war against 发动一场对的战争 wage[英][wed][美][wed] n.工资; 报应; vt.& vi.实行,进行,作(战等); 〈方〉雇佣; 〈古〉打赌,抵押,担保; 第三人称单数:wages过去分词:waged复数:wages现在进行时:waging过去式:waged 例句:1.Nor should beijing try to slow wage growth. 北京方面也不应试图减缓国内的工资增长.

jelly ['deli]n. 果冻;胶状物vi. 成胶状vt. 使结冻eg:Waging a war on terror was always going to be like pinning jelly to a wall. 以反恐为借口的战争总像往墙壁上放果冻一样站不住脚

BATTLE STATIONS!战斗站!In March 2004, US Airways CED David Siegel addressed his employees via a Web-cast. ”They're coming for one reason: They are coming to kill us. They beat us on the West Coast, they beat us in Baltimore, but if

你看看我的如何?The Sniper(狙击手) 七月漫长的黄昏渐渐溶入夜色之中,都伯林虽然被黑暗所笼罩,但微弱的月光还是透过稀薄的云层把一种朦胧洒在了街上.咆哮的机枪声从被围的福尔考茨周围传来,街上的其余地方也不时有机枪和步枪

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