recede英 [rsi:d] 美 [rsid] vi.后退; 减弱; (价值,品质等) 跌落,低落,变坏; 收回意见,退出(某种活动) [例句]Tending to go backward or recede. returnable glass container 退回的有后退或退回倾向的可以退回的玻璃容器 [其他]第三人称单数:recedes 现在分词:receding 过去式:receded 过去分词:receded 形近词: accede secede precede


刚写完一篇 就看见你的了 不想改了 你自己去改吧i want to tell you that actually it is not that difficult to learn english well as long as you find out the effective way to learn it.i have some suggestions for you. as you know, english sentences are the

应该是 beat a record. 打破记录的意思.

以下例句来源于网络,仅供参考1.The incident receded into thebackground.这个事件慢慢不为人注意了.provided by jukuu

根据汉语翻译下列句子,每空一词 学生们既得到很多的时间有不失乐趣. Students get lots of practice and they also have fun. 她说记忆流行歌曲的歌词也有一定的帮助. She said that remembering the words of pop music also helped a little. 我认

read, do, operate, elect, teach, hug, grow, watch, have,

我一个人不能给你2篇,因为写作的风格会是很相近的. My Plan To Learn English I have decided to draw up a plan and learn English. I found out that in order to learn English properly I need to develop skills in 4 key areas and they are: Reading,

1. recide 8 to 10 words a day 2. there pieces of paper 3. all the new words 4. the answer to the question 5. take a deep breath 6. ask for advise 7. best wishes to you 8. write it down 9. something else

一定给我分啊! I think it's easy to learn English.I have studied English for over 8 years,and I really enjoy it.But I always find that I have some problem with reading.So,as the teacher said,I started reading English articles,and try to recide them.I think | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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