out-of-focus [英]['at'vf'ks][美]['at'vf'oks] 不聚焦,焦点失调,离焦; 模糊 散焦;不聚焦的;焦点失调 例句 1.While out of focus is one of the reasons that make the MTF decline.而离焦是导致传递函数下降的一个重要因素.2.It has a combination of higher resolution and lower contrast and superb out of focusimages.它同时具有高分辨率、低反差和优美的焦外成像.

您好!Be Plagued To Death 意思是:被烦得要死 plagued v. 困扰(plague的过去分词);折磨 采纳使您的美德,谢谢!

warchief是暴雪创造出来的词,常规词典查不到,这是wiki,warchief词条下的解释The Warchief is the military leader of the Orcish Horde, similar to a king or Supreme Allied Commander among humans. The post is an ancient tradition, but was

be friends of the earth Earth is our mother, nuturing our growth. however, she is suffering now due to selfishness of some people. Global warming, ice cape melting, rising sea level and deforestation are reasons driving the beautiful earth to doom.

中文翻译为: corporation [英][k:pren][美][k:rpren] n. 公司; 法人; 社团,团体; 〈口〉(凸出的)大肚子; 例句: a changing world has put pressures on the corporation. 日新月异的世界使这家公司感到了压力. that was the first time a board member of a large global corporation was charged with a fcpa violation. 全球性大公司的董事会成员被指控违反《反海外腐败法》,这还是第一次.

mosquito[英][m'ski:t][美][mskito]n.蚊子复数: mosquitoes mosquitos双语例句1.A mosquito had bitten her and her arm had swollen up.蚊子叮了她,她的手臂肿起来了.2.He started reading when he was knee-high to a mosquito.他很小

behind ones back的中文翻译 behind ones back 背后的背后 双语例句 1 The reasons for leaving the big city dream behind are manifold. Two of the more common ones are trying to avoid the intense competition and the pressure, and seeing

bandit plagued highway 全部释义和例句>>强盗困扰公路bandit plagued highway 全部释义和例句>>强盗困扰公路 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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