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school clothing

clothes和clothing的区别(要详细的)如:those clothes / few clothes / many clothes 2、名词可数性不同:clothing 是不可数名词。如:They wear

clothes,clothing的用法区别在哪5. 表示一套衣服,可以借助suit或set. 如:a new suit of clothes.一套新衣服。clothing:1. 表示“衣服”的总称,是一个不

英语问题回答:1 玩太多电脑游戏 play too much computer games 2 以卖报为生 living on selling papaers 3 一直做相同的工作 do

clothesclothingSummercomingon,th指“各种各样的衣服如:she has some beautiful clothes. school/ work clothesclothing:常为正式

andlabeling(标记)thatcomefromclothing.IfalSchool uniforms(制服)are becoming more and moreThe difference is that the clothing students

单词clothes与clothing的用法及区别二、clothing的用法 1. 表示“衣服”的总称,是一个不可数的集合名词。如:We need warm clothing for the winter.我们需要暖和


校服的英文They are the official school outfitters.2.仅6个月,我女儿就长得穿不下校服了。My daughter has

学生在我校上学必须穿学校服.用英语怎么说The students who are in our school must wear uniforms.

从我们学校后面的服装店英文From the clothing store behind our school.从我们学校后面的服装店 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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