licked是lick的过去分词lick美 [lk]英 [lk]v.打败;舐;〈口〉鞭打;舐吃n.舐;速力;些许;〈美〉野兽跑去舐盐的盐渍地幼儿园小班;装置例句筛选1.He sat down and wiped his mouth and licked his pads.它蹲下来,弄干净嘴,又舔着自己的脚爪.2.The buildings were licked up by the flames.建筑物被火焰吞没了.


licked:舔he licked his lips said to me:他舔他的嘴唇对我说

发音为[t] 因为lick是发音[lik],以清辅音结尾的,ed为[t] 在浊辅音和元音后面 [d] called borrowed moved[mu:vd] enjoyed welcomed answered 在清辅音后面 [t] asked finished helped[helpt] passed[pa:st] reached 在[t]音后面 [id] wanted[''wCntid] started['耿促际讵宦存为担力'sta:tid] [d]音后面[id] needed[''ni:did] counted[''kauntid]0

你好!原形:lick英 [lk] 美 [lk] vt.舔; 打败vt.& vi.轻轻拍打; 战胜n.舔; 一舐的量,少量仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

licked -----> ?passed the tongue over

licked/laughed/listened/didn't怎么造句 The cat licked its paws clean. 猫把爪子舔干净了 He always laughed at us.他总是笑话我们.He listened to the tapes very carefully.他很仔细地听着磁带.He didn't come to the party.他没有来派对.

1、 按照我的理解,这个词的单复数,要看它在句中的意义.主要就是读句子就会找到语感.2、 The flames were licking the warehouse.火焰正吞卷仓库.The flames of the fire licked the dry grass.火苗燎着了干草.He kept his eyes on the

sweets[英][swi:ts][美][swi:ts]n.糖果;糖果( sweet的名词复数 );甜食;甜味;[用复数]快乐双语例句1.There's a bag of assorted sweets on the table.桌子上有一袋什锦糖果.2.When I say don't eat sweets, I have your health at heart.当我说你别吃


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