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look the part

look the part回答:整体意思要结合语境. look the part 是一英语习语.the part 是指戏子里面的角色.不能根据字面意思理解,it means appears

【"doIlookthepart?"是什么意思呢】look the part 是一英语习语,不能根据字面意思理解,it means appears suitable,所以整句话的

"do I look the part?" 是什么意思呢回答:look the part 是一英语习语,不能根据字面意思理解,it means appears suitable,所以整句话的意思是“ 我看上去合适吗?”

英语翻译题求翻译!6. equal love with happiness.7. I don't acquaint with 8. is totally absorbed in reading 9 The soldiers disguised into

part的短语有哪些part的短语有:bear a part in在…中有一份,参与;compose of parts由几部分组成;consist of

despite looking the part回答:Despite looking the part 是介词短语 作状语, Behrman 是主语was 是系动词a failure 是表语 in art是 定语 或状语 贝尔曼

英文翻译问题。。。帮忙看看下面两个翻译是program, meet don't likesee fragments, also can put the past looking directly at you want to look the part

急求,looks 和colours的解释(暑假生活)He looks his age. She dressed up to look the part.他看起来与他的年龄相符。他化了妆以便看起来合乎身份 To appear to be

请用partfor造句is grateful he is guaranteed to look the part for his proud day.The tranquilizer and the bott.

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