fireplace 英[faples] 美[farples] n. 壁炉 名词复数:fireplaces [例句]The painting of europa over the fireplace hung crooked.欧罗巴的画歪歪扭扭地挂在壁炉上方.您好,答题不易 如有帮助请采纳,谢谢

壁炉 火炉

我在哈佛大学的第一周.1. My First Week at Harvard.2. It's rumored that the day freshmen move into Harvard Yard is always a gorgeous one. Well, I don't know if that's a fact, but it was certainly true of my first day at Harvard.3. As my parents and I

style 和 styles 的分别只是单及复数.style(s) : 风格,作风a style of living 生活方式various styles of carpet 各种式样的地毯Our fireplaces come in several styles. 我们有多种款式的壁炉.The new design compromises the merits of Chinese and Western styles.这个新设计融合了中西式的优点.

这个by 应该是通过什么fireplaces 是壁炉的意思应该是通过壁炉做什么..介词..例子太多了 train 坐火车by bike 自行车太多太多了呐

effectively kicked indoors by the dark and cold that permeate the outdoors. We burn fires in fireplaces and make heavy, hot foods to keep our bodies warm and insulated. We may find ourselves sleeping longer hours and yearning for downtime, just

processing meat 加工生肉,烧肉.


stove 英[stuv] 美[stov] n. 炉,火炉;窑;干燥室,烘房 v. 用火炉烤 名词复数:stoves fireplace 英[faples] 美[farples] n. 壁炉 名词复数:fireplaces

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