formal situation 正式的场合 双语对照 例句:1.In a less formal situation people can open up and speak more frankly. 在不那么正式的场合,人们往往更容易敞开心扉,开诚布公地交流.

because:in that,result in ,result from ,account for,due to ,owing to,for,as ,so that ,as as to ,in order to,in order that,therefore,because of ,for the reason of ,lead to,so.--but yet:while ,though,al

fear (that) :Police fear that there may be further terrorist attacks.fear to do something formal: :Women feared to go out at night.fear for somebody :His wife seemed depressed, and he feared for his children.fear for somebody's safety/life a terrifying


1、增加、附加: in addition/furthermore/moreover/for one thing……for another/besides/and moreover/what's more/one more word/at the same time/plus 2、罗列,列举:firstly, in the first place, secondly, thirdly, my next point is, last/finally;for

formal language[计] 形式语言[网络短语]formal language 形式语言,形式语言,正规语言Formal specification language 语言,形式化规约说明语言,形式规格语言formal semantic language 语言

因为后面多了一个介词短语做后置定语 赢得来自她的学生的尊敬

be pleased with 对.感到满意 Her mother is very pleased with her grades.她妈妈对她的成绩很满意.

1、当occasion要表达“在……情况,场合下”的意思时,前面应与英语介词on搭配.I met strangers on that occasion. 在那次我遇见了一些陌生人.2、on occasion还有“偶尔地”的意思.I call on him on occasion. 我偶尔去拜访他.3、have

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