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restricted earth fault protection英[rstrktd :θ f:lt prtekn]美[rstrktd θ flt prtkn]释义限制接地故障保护双语例句 1with very high sensitivity the restricted earth fault protection ( ref) is widely used for generator,


protecting the earth is important for us.


for 在此句是[介词], 意思是 : 相当于 live on earth for more than 生活在地球上(相当于)超过

There have been lives on earth for millions of years

HOW TO CELEBRATE EARTH DAYPlant trees. As the date also roughly coincides with U.S. Arbor Day, over time Earth Day has taken on the role of tree-planting. Planting

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为了进行地震研究,早期我四处寻找收集出土的陶器的并对其泥土性质进行了仔细的研究分析.这是一个很普通的简单句,句子的主干是:I searched through the earth for earth wareso as to目的是……

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