翻译为:you are being paranoid 你是偏执狂 paranoid [英][prnd][美][prnd] adj.属于偏执狂的; 患妄想狂的; 过分猜疑的; n.偏执狂患者; 妄想症患者 例句:One of the officers, assuming that he was from Rwanda or the Congo, allegedly stated that his people were all “ paranoid killers ”.其中一名警官认定他来自卢旺达或刚果,并据称指他的民族全是“患妄想狂的杀人者”.

涉嫌诽谤 望采纳,谢谢

缺少动词,不是一个完整的句子,它没有上下文,只有一个孤立的词组{或者是省略句,省略句的意思是:据说所有的都可如此 }.

affirm vt.断言,坚持声称;证实,确认 verb(formal) to state firmly or publicly that sth is true or that you support sth strongly: [VN] Both sides affirmed their commitment to the ceasefire. ◆ The decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeal. ◆ [V that] I

阿替 Q类新 一瑞忒(tei)新额来及的力



你好O(∩_∩)O~ If I am teacher,I will ask my students to read more extracurricular books in the finished homework on the premise .I will answer questions for students patiently until they understand it.When my students make mistakes ,I will educate

owing to 由于,因为,幸亏,归功于例句有:1.Some impatience was exhibited owing to the non-arrival of the speaker. 由于讲演人未到, 听众显得有些不耐烦.2.Owing to graft, the manager of this company was discharged from his post and | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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