用clap、flag、glass、black造句?The men danced and the women clapped 男人们跳舞,女人们拍手。The Marines climbed to the roof of the embassy building to

用拍手造句,用英文造句拔河比赛我们班得了第一名,同学们互相拍手狂欢!Tug won first place in our class, the students clapped each other carnival!

表示人情绪的英文单词 ,30个。如 开心 高兴之类的 格式1.快活的 chirrupy 2.令人愉快的,使人高兴的 delectable 3.心情愉快的,脾气好的 good-humored 4.心情

英语单词造句 时态可以变形consist ofdivide intoShe clapped her hands in delight. 她高兴地拍手. 解析看不懂?免费查看同类题视频解析查看解答 更多

请问excitedly和excitingly有何区别?请分别解释后各举When I ___ (cheer) the runner,he clapped his hands excitedly. 特别推荐 二维码

学习英语口语有哪些技巧?I'm guessing this is not the future you had pictured for yourself when you first clapped eyes

用at the end of 造句The audience clapped at the end of the play .剧终时观众鼓掌.The toilet is at the

请问---翻译长句的要领是什么!汉语则先说原因,后说结果.例如: She was annoyed to find herself blushing as Mattclapped and May

英语单词造句 时态可以变形new restaurant fold up in less than a year.这家餐厅不到一年就歇业了。She clapped her hands in delight.她高兴地拍手。

英文写作,如何做到精准用词?2. The child clapped his hands in delight. 那孩子高兴得拍起手来。 ●非常的快乐,强

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