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cause a stir


两者在及其……感情方面是同义词;stir 是产生唤起某种情绪,一般是中性或负面消极的情绪;stimulate是刺激激励的意思,侧重精神方面的刺激.

I had dreamed that one day my future would be astonished. However, when I grow up, I find it can't be judged by the appearance. It is really difficult for someone to suffer from the uneventful condition, which is just the most challengeable thing.

as a result相当于一个连词,一般用于句首,且要用逗号与后面的句子隔开,是因此,所以的意思; as aresult of 是一个介词短语,后面接名词,动名词等,不能接句子,是由于,因为的意思.

引起轰动[yǐn qǐ hōng dòng]create much of a stir; cause a sensation; make a stir例句:中国时装表演在莫斯科引起轰动.The Chinese fashion show caused a sensation in Moscow.

1.he is hot(他很走红)2.and stuff(等等)3.creep me out(吓着我了) way(不可能) about(……怎么样) a:hey,do you know c?he is hot in comedy movies. b:and stuff! isn't he hot in thrillers? a:what? you creep me out. you don't even


stir sb/one's heart ; stir in sb/one's heart; make/cause a stir in sb/one's heart 让某人怦然心动The voice, less coarse now, stirred her / her heart as it had then.现在那声音已不那么刺耳,它又如当年一样让她怦然心动.Her beautiful slim figure stirred in me / stirred me / made/caused a stir in me/my heart. 她那美丽、苗条的身姿使我怦然心动.


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