from then on,从那时起,一般接一般过去时. 与from now on 区别开来, from now on,从现在起,一般接一般将来时.

四大名著: 《红楼梦》: 1、The Story of Stone《石头记》 2、A Dream of Red Mansions/Chamber(红色大楼/房间的梦) 3、The Cowherd and the Weaving Girl(牛郎和织女) 《三国演义》: 1、《Romantic of Three Kingdoms》 三个

from then onsince then1. 中文意思略有不同 from then on 从那时起 since then 从那时起一直到现在2. 谓语时态不同 from then on 谓语用过去时 since then 谓语用现在完成时.3. 例句 from then on i made up my mind to work hard. 从那时起,我下定决心好好学习. since then i haven't seen him. 自从那时起到现在,我就一直没有见到他.

the cowheard and weaver maid 织女应是 the weaver maid

句子中的Rom应该是From才对,From then on表示“从此以后;从那时起”.From then on,lovers celebrate chinese love's day on the same day that the cowherd meets the weaver.从此以后,情人会在牛郎织女相会的


from then on 从那时起 和过去时连用如:From then on , magic had to be young William 's life . 从此以后,小威廉注定要献身魔术.From then on , the fairy weaver stayed in heaven , and the cowherd stayed on

a sad love story续写带翻译 A Sad Love Story.Recently, there is a famous love stroy between two ducks. 最近有一个非常著名的两只鸭子相爱的故事.They were born together, fell in love together, and enjoyed life together. 他们一起出生,一起相爱

Day and night

since then一般用于现在完成时 eg:Since then,they haven't got on well each other.from then on一般用于过去时和完成时. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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