第三单元A 部分Hyde was founded in 1966 to provide education based on character development (1)more thanrather thanbetter thanother than academic achievement. It is a place where well-to-do families can send their children who have difficulty

Unit6Part I1C 2B 3C 4D 5CPart II(1) ice (2) Examples (3) parking (4) response (5) provide (6) impression (7) ages (8) If this is the place where you would be working, they would automatically be worried that you will be late for work everyday (9) They

选择A:Why was he late for school yesterday?B:He overslept . By the time he got to the bus stop,the bus ___already ___.A.was ;leaving B.has ; left C.would ; leave D.had ;left 解答:D解析:公共汽车在到车站之前就来了,所以用过去完成时.选择We () here today .A are all B all areC is allD all is解答:A解析:副词放在be动词之后.



Unit 10Section A. The Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon Part II, p.2811. They took off on a routine training mission over the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was fine.2. They all disappeared without trace.3. They describe it as “the Graveyard of the

刚好在手边:(有两种题:一种问答题、一种选择题)我估计你问的听力选择题.答案按顺序来:D A A A D B C D我这书是08年2月出版的,不知道是不是第二版.我现在大四了.

新视野大学英语第二版读写教程第二册答案 Unit 6 Vocabulary III.1.confessed 2. reserve 3. professional 4. impressive 5. latter6. convey 7. qualify 8. refined 9. substitute 10. approval IV.1. Correct from: fill out; synonym: fill in2. Correct from: feel 以后这个东西可以上百度文库找有好多的!!

Unit 6 Part ⅠⅠA. Perseverance guidance attendance reliance resistance assistance endurance insurance1. endurance 2. assistance 3. reliance 4. insurance 5. resistance 6. attendance 7. perseverance 8. guidance B. inappropriate inflexible

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